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Speaking,Training, & Workshops

From students, parents, staff members, and educators to artists, activists, and entrepreneurs, we offer highly engaging, relevant, and impactful keynote presentations, trainings, and workshops.  Check out a few of our signature programs.


Learning to Live Above the Circumstances

One of the only things in life that is constant and guaranteed is change. Our ability to adapt to and manage the change happening around us hinges upon are ability to take control of and manage the change happening within us. This highly engaging and interactive presentation reminds participants of the power of personal choice and how sometimes the most complicated aspects of our lives can be managed by making small adjustments to our attitudes and actions.

Creating Communities of Care

Our ideas, attitudes, and perceptions of the world and the people we interact with everyday are formed by our environment, experiences, exposure, encounters, and how we’ve been educated. By expanding our vision and allowing ourselves to be exposed to new ideas and new perspectives, we can take steps toward positive change and participation in making our world, our country, our communities, our schools/workplaces, and our lives a little better. We’ll also gain access to new opportunities for personal growth and development. This highly engaging and interactive presentation will challenge and equip participants to do their part to create a culture and community where every person living in it knows they are safe, valued, and necessary.


How to Take C.A.R.E. of YOU, So You Can Take C.A.R.E. of Them

More and more young people are experiencing high levels of stress and trauma on a regular basis and are carrying those experiences into their schools, classrooms, and programs. The fact is the adults that are serving our young people have their own stress and trauma to cope with as well as that of their students. In order to take care of the young people we serve, it is vital that we learn how to take care of ourselves as well. In learning and practicing self-care, we can then teach and transfer these healthy
practices to our students. This highly engaging and interactive workshop will equip participants with the immediately applicable skills, tools, information, and inspiration necessary to effectively engage with and activate the young people we serve.

When it comes to content delivery, we don’t believe one size fits all. We tailor our presentations to meet your content, audience size, time, and programming needs. Other topics we are frequently invited to present on are

  • Student Achievement

  • Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Violence Prevention

  • Effective Youth Engagement

  • Parenting

  • Staff Development

  • Cultural Proficiency

Let's work together to create a program that moves your audience from inspiration to action to outcomes!

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